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We would like to introduce you to a new GradPro initiative, 'Your Next Step Associates'. The scheme will prepare the students for vocational training alongside the GradPro ethos of recognition, support, reward, integrity, artistry, focus, belief, guidance, mentorship and mental wellbeing.

Take Your Next Step

Each of the Associate Sundays will be a full day of 4 classes starting at 10am and ending at 5pm. The associates will be expected to attend the full day and all sessions if possible as there will be a programme of work planned throughout the term. Each Sunday will have a ballet class, a repertoire class, a contemporary class/contact improvisation and a choreography/stretching/stagecraft session. Pointe work will be taught as appropriate. These disciplines follow the GradPro programme and are essential elements to ensure that a dancer can cope with the demands of company life today.


There will be no audition process at present, this is to give all students an opportunity to attend. We may move to auditions in the future depending on take up, standard and demand.


Faculty will include dancers from leading UK ballet companies as well as leading teachers in their disciplines. The classical classes will also have live music from exceptional pianists.


Venue 1: Yorkshire Dance Centre, Leeds

Group A: BATES    

AGES 11-13


Sunday 3rd November 

Sunday 8th December 


Sunday 9th February 

Sunday 6th April 

Sunday 4th May

Sunday 6th July 

Group B: LAWRENCE    

AGES 14-18


Sunday 1st September  

Sunday 24th November 


Sunday 12th January 

Sunday 9th March 

Sunday 27th April 

Sunday 1st June 


Venue 2: Birmingham Royal Ballet

Group A:    

AGES 11-13

Dates TBC

Group B:    

AGES 14-18

Dates TBC

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