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The Showcase 2022

It has been such a joy to see the development of GradPro. So many people have given their time and enormous expertise to bring this event to its glittering Showcase Final held on Sunday 15th May at Elmhurst Ballet School. The theatre was filled with eager anticipation and support for the very talented graduates as they presented their pieces to an esteemed panel of judges.

Huge thanks to all of our partners and to those people and organisations who donated generously to the awards.

15 May 2022

4.30pm at Elmhurst Ballet School Theatre

Julie Bowers Jill Firth Louise Gould
GradPro Programme Cover
GradPro Finalists and Judges

All the performers and award winners showed immense talent and passion and we look forward to watching their progression in the dance world. In fact, Olivia Chang-Clarke has been offered an apprenticeship at Birmingham Royal Ballet, how fantastic is that.

Paige McElligot and Doreen Wells

Award Winners:

  • Paige McElligott – Winner of the Gail Monahan Award and 20 pairs of Freed pointe shoes

  • Poppy Frankel – Winner of the London Ballet Circle Award

  • Olivia Chang Clarke – Winner of the Dansez Award

  • Mackenzie Jacob – Winner of the Yorkshire Ballet Seminar Summer School Awards

Pictured, Showcase winner Paige McElligott receives her award, presented by Doreen Wells.

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Don't just take our word for it!

A Real Pleasure

I had such a charming time at Elmhurst Ballet School yesterday as one of three judges with GradPro, the enlightened initiative of Julie Bowers (ex RB) and Brandon Lawrence and what a real pleasure it was to see the 14 finalists in class and two solos. Winner Paige McElligott gave us a sensitive and technically very sure interpretation of Giselle’s Act 1 solo, so much so that we could actually imagine Albrecht sitting there looking on. Exquisite prima ballerina Doreen Wells attended too and gave her prize, also to the winner Paige. Courtesy, kindness and affability was in abundance. Thank you to everyone who made this unique event possible.

Gail Monahan, GradPro Judge

A Fine Evening of Dance

Held in the studio theatre at Elmhurst Ballet School on May 15, the first GradPro National Showcase proved a fine evening of dance.

David Mead, Dancing Times

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